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Hey Bloggers, Writers and Marketers!

You know that one of the most time consuming aspects of writing, blogging or product creation is the research time. It often takes hours to find good websites and then more time to sift through the information on websites.

These cheatsheets can save you tons of time and money – money is often related to time, by the way. I’ve spent the hours gathering up useful sites, images, Amazon products, Youtube videos and other bits you can use when putting your product together or getting ready for your next blog post.

Why spend all your time hunting for this information when my inexpensive cheatsheets are there for you?

How can this help you?

For Freelance, Ghostwriters and VAs – Save time on research for your client’s projects.
For Marketers & Bloggers – Save time on research for your own products or blog posts. Our research packs include products to promote, affiliate programs and image suggestions.
Niche Research: Very useful if you work in multiple niches or want to research a new niche.


So, you’re probably wondering who I am? I’m Patti Stafford. I’m generally a behind-the-scenes gal as a VA for a PLR seller. I’m a fiction writer. And I’ve been in and out of online marketing (to some degree) for several years–usually behind the scenes, like I said.

There’s only so much of me and my skills to go around, but I want to help as many people as I can. I do a lot of research. It’s time consuming, and yes, I often find myself down rabbit holes. I’m sure that never happens to you, right? 😉 Well, knowing it’s time consuming and knowing I can only work personally with a small number of people, the idea of these cheatsheets was born.

I hope you find them useful and they save you a ton of time!