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Mindset Research Cheatsheet

Content Includes:

  • Resources: At least five articles/resources where you can learn more about the topic. I try to list tips and highlights of these resources.
  • Keywords: A list of 20 to 50 keywords (depending on the topic) that you can use for SEO purposes.
  • Pixabay Images: 4 to 8 images that you can grab (for free) at Pixabay to use in blog posts, articles or product creation.
  • Amazon Products: The top products you can promote from Amazon. The amount of products is dependent on the topic and when available.
  • Affiliate Programs - when applicable.
  • Youtube Videos: A collection of informative Youtube videos on the topic, if available.
  • Blogs/Websites to Follow: At least five of the best blogs on the topic that are current and up to date.
  • Pinterest Pins - Pins I've found to get you started.
  • Pinterest Boards to Follow - Some of the best Pinterest Boards I've found to help you get started.
  • Social Profiles: At least five social profiles of influencers or top bloggers in the niche topic.
  • Extras - This includes topic suggestions in visual and csv format.

*Please note: This is not prewritten article content. This is a list of resources to help save you time.



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